Deal: Motorola Xoom (Wi-Fi) + Wireless Keyboard: $599

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Motorola Xoom, now might be a good time to get one. As part of their Father’s Day sale, Motorola is giving away a free Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with the purchase of the Wi-FI Xoom from their online store. In order to get the free keyboard, you must add both the Xoom and they keyboard to your shopping cart. Both items will cost $599 + tax (if applicable). In addition to the free keyboard, you also get free 2-day shipping.

In the email that I received, it clearly states that the deal is valid from June 7 to June 20, but on the website, it states that this deal is valid until June 14, so there’s a little confusion there. So if you’re going to jump on this deal, make sure you do so before the 14th, just to be safe.

Get your Xoom + keyboard at the Motorola Store.

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