Why the Motorola Atrix 4G is a failure and why unlocking the bootloader will save it

We have been one of the few blogs out there who covered the Motorola Atrix 4G, since its release, because we recognized that it was a phone with a lot of potential, I even bought one. AT&T proved everyone wrong and kept their promise by enabling the HSUPA feature that the Atrix was actually supposed to have at launch.

Many Atrix 4G owners have received the “mighty” 4.1.83 update that started as a beta version and then got released to the public on May 3rd. Although it fixed the slow upload speeds issue, it actually brought more problems to the phone than it solved. In fact, Motorola’s flagship Android phone is still suffering from voice quality issues. In its dedicated support forums, a discussion thread about the issue has generated over 55,820 views and 35 pages of comments and Motorola has yet to bring a solution to it.

Tip to anyone doing research on a phone purchase decision ….

The comment above came from an unhappy Atrix owner who has given up on the phone — and the brand itself — which is understandable since  many of the phone’s  issues still exist, haven’t been addressed or are simply “unfixable”. Another bug that appeared with the new update is the inability to access some bank applications such as “Bank Of America” or “PNC”, a real pain if you ask me.

The Motorola Atrix 4G has a feature that many phones don’t have in the “fingerprint scanner”; this adds an extra layer of security to accessing the phone by gently swiping your finger on it to unlock the phone’s screen. The fingerprint scanner was not spared on the long list of bugs brought on by the 4.1.83 update.

If Motorola had kept its promises to support the Android Developers community, the Atrix 4G wouldn’t have been a “failure.” It has a signed bootloader which prevents developers from flashing custom ROMs, such as the Cyanogenmod one, to bring enhancements to the phone, and to actually fix any bugs that may arise down the road such as the ones discussed above. All Motorola would have to do to fix this problem is unlock the bootloader. It’s that simple.

An online petition has been around for a while now with over 9500+ signatures from angry Motorola fans who want to have the option to customize their phones however they want without any restrictions.

At this point, I am not sure if I will be buying another Motorola phone as this whole experience with the Atrix 4G has left a bad taste in my mouth and I am sure that I am not alone!

via Motorola Support Forums Groubal

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