Samsung Galaxy S II set for a July 14th release by Virgin Canada

According to a leaked internal document from Virgin Canada, the Samsung Galaxy S II will be released in 14 days, on July 14th. Bell and SasKtel will probably start selling it at the same time. Our friends from Canada are probably excited to finally get their hands one of the most wanted Android devices this year.

The document above is an incentive program guide for Virgin Canada sales people. I am not sure if they will need to use any of their “techniques” to sell the Galaxy S II because it will actually sell itself. Let’s just hope that they’ll keep up with the demand!

We’re not sure when Samsung U.S.A. will decide to announce the Galaxy S II for us and all I can say is that they are taking very very long! If only all of the three majors carriers have made up their minds about how they want to call the SGS2, we will probably have it by now!

via MobileSyrup