Yo Motorola, you goofed up with your Moto 360 contest

Image credit: The Verge

Image credit: The Verge

I am not going to lie. I tried to win a Moto 360 in the “Yo” contest that Motorola started yesterday. So around 4:33 PM EST, I received a “Yo” from the Chicago-based company saying that I won a Moto 360. I quickly entered my email only to find out that I did not win. Huh?? So I was told that I am winner but I really wasn’t? Thanks a lot Motorola.

It turns out that I am not the only who was a winner. Upon checking on Twitter using the hashtag #YOFORMOTO, a bunch of people are reporting their unhappiness with this silly contest. Motorola should have picked another method, in my opinion, to pick the lucky 20 winners. Telling people they won a really sought-after smartwatch and then breaking their heart, isn’t cool. We’re hoping that Motorola issues a statement.

What do you guys think?



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