Would you pay $1,825 for a Nexus 7 tablet? Someone on eBay did!

How does $1,825 sound for a Nexus 7 tablet? If you’re the seller, it sounds like a great price. If you’re a buyer, probably not so good, especially since the device will be available to the public in mid-July for just $199.99. Even knowing that the tablet was soon going to be available didn’t stop one eBayer from dishing out $1825 for the 7-inch Nexus tablet.

An eBay auction for the Nexus 7 tablet ended yesterday with one lucky seller and a very impatient buyer with lots of cash to spend. After 43 bids, seller Moohaa52 sold his/her Nexus 7 tablet (which was given as a free gift to all Google I/O 2012 participants) for a whopping $1825!

Yes, I want a Nexus 7 tablet, too. But I just don’t think that I will ever spend $1,825 for it, even if I had $1.2 million sitting in the bank! Maybe if this was the first and only Nexus 7, maybe then I would buy it. But knowing that it would be available in just a couple weeks for 1/9 of the selling price, I’d gladly wait and buy myself a few of them!

Congrats to the seller, and congrats to the buyer who really wanted one.

Source: eBay | via DL

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