Will The Blackberry Z10 make you leave your Android? (SPOILER: No)


I try to be as unbiased as possible, but hey this is an Android website right? I was given the opportunity to use the new Blackberry Z10 on AT&T for the past few weeks and I truly gave it a fair chance at being my every day main device. There were things I actually liked…but at the end of the day I felt empty and needed to grab my Android device.

I cannot be totally negative toward the new Blackberry 10 OS that is being heavily depended on to bring Blackberry back into relevance. There are things I like.


  • Size and Feel.  It’s a nice feeling device in hand. Light and mostly plastic. 4.3” screen.
  • Simple.  Any new OS you pick up will seem foreign at first. Even to long time Blackberry users…this is a totally different experience. Once you do get used to the Blackberry 10 OS it is very simple and easy to use and understand.
  • Application Integration.  Apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare are all pre loaded and integrated very well into the OS. Showing up in the notification “hub” and making it very easy to share pictures, content, and websites with all of your networks. I actually LOVE the LinkedIn app on Blackberry 10 way better than the Android counterpart.
  • Blackberry Hub.  All notifications, all in once place, making it very simple to see all of them at one time. Which is really nice overall, but also something I had problems adjusting to.


  • Apps. To put it simple, there just are not enough. 100,000 you say isn’t enough? It’s not. Especially when you are missing some of the most popular apps people use every day. (and don’t even be one of those people who say “but you can sideload any Android app” because you cannot). Even with the option to sideload Android apps, it is not easy. I should not have to plug my phone into my computer, convert an APK and then load and hope it works. I’m sure some people won’t mind but its 2013, if I can’t download it on the go…I won’t.
  • Screen. The 4.3” screen doesn’t impress. I do prefer at least 4.7” on my smartphone. But even the quality of the screen just does not pop. I am Very unimpressed.
  • BBM. Blackberry messenger used to be THE way to communicate quickly and easily. Back when my secondary phone was a Blackberry, I could get a hold of any other manager I knew via BBM and it was great. So I pop my SIM card in this Z10…load up BBM…just to come to the realization that I didn’t know ANYONE who actually still used BBM!
  • Music.  Besides the fact that I am a firm believer in Cloud storage and I depend almost 100% on the music uploaded to my Google Play Music cloud, the stock music player in Blackberry 10 is horrible. Not user friendly. Not nice on the eyes. I loaded some music on my SD card and the Music player couldn’t recognize songs grouped in albums. It scattered my music in its own groups. Viewing your library and music controls are not up to par.

I could not bring myself to write a complete Blackberry Z10 review, nor would we put it on DroidMatters.com, but I wanted to share my experience using something other than Android on my day to day and how it measured up. I think it is safe to say not many, if any, of you will be jumping ship for Blackberry anytime soon…but if you disagree, please leave some comments!


Craig has been an Android user since the G1, perhaps that is why he tends to favor the HTC flavor when it comes to his Android devices. With 7+ years of mobile phone retail management experience, Craig is in touch with both the techie and the everyday consumer. Follow him on Twitter: @CraigP17

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