Why a June release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III makes sense

With the many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S III floating around the net, no one really knows when it will release, except for Samsung of course. The Galaxy S III is rumored to have crazy specs such as a 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos processor, ceramic casing, 4.8-inch HD display, 7mm of thickness and Android 4.0.

A recent report from industry analyst Eldar Murtazin claims that the design of the Galaxy S III has been finalized and that Samsung is already in the early stages of production. He also says that the it will sport a ceramic back and that “preorders from retailers and mobile carriers are really highest for all Galaxy line history”. Finally, he adds that the phone will launch in June, the same time frame Apple has historically launched their iPhone with the exception of last year.

A year ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy S II at the Mobile World Congress, however they decided to have a separate event to announce the Galaxy S III this year. It makes sense for them to target a similar launch date considering the head-to-head competitive behavior we’ve seen from the two of them this year. While Apple has pursuing patent battles, Samsung has been targeting the iPhone in ad campaigns. We anticipate that they will take it up a notch with a June announcement date. What do you guys think?

via @eldarmurtazin

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