Virgin Mobile to begin throttling data-hungry customers who use more than 2.5GB of data per month

If you’re a Virgin Mobile subscriber who uses a lot of data, be prepared to get throttled. Starting on March 23, Virgin Mobile will begin throttling the data speeds of users who exceed 2.5GB of data in a given month. Starting on March 23, 2012, if you use more than 2.5GB of data in a given month, your data speeds will be lowered to 256Kbps or below for the rest of the month. The reduced data speeds will be in effect until the end of the month or if you select to restart your plan through My Account.

Users who exceed 2.5GB of data transfer in a month will receive a text message letting them know that they will be throttled until the remainder of the month. Once the month is over, you’re back at full speeds (until you reach your 2.5GB limit again).

Virgin Mobile says they’re doing this in order to keep their Beyond Talk plans at the great, low prices. Data throttling will not affect the ability to make or receive call. The new data throttling rules are expected to affect only 3% of Virgin Mobile customers.

Source: Virgin Mobile, via AC, PhoneScoop