Videos about bending the Nexus 6P are bullshit


I just came here to say that I am tired of these videos showing that the Nexus 6P can “easily break.” Yes, I am fan of the phone and I own one. Crappy videos like the one JerryRigEverything published are a complete waste of time.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this guy bent 2 Nexus 6P phones is 2 separate videos. His first attempt he showed how easily it is to bend the phone by intentionally applying enough force to do so. He basically did the same thing in his second video to show us yet again that it breaks.

Screenshot (62)

We get it, the Nexus 6P bends and so does almost every other phone out there if you intentionally want to do it.

The average user will not, in their right mind, hold their phone with 2 hands and attempt to break it, not after spending their hard-earned money.

If you have been considering the Nexus 6P, don’t let useless and biased videos like these two discourage you from buying it.

I’m done.

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