Verizon Galaxy S III appears to have a locked and protected bootloader

When it comes to the Verizon Galaxy S III and its bootloader, there’s some bad news. Although the device isn’t set to be released until July 10, some of the people who were lucky enough to get their hands on their pre-order early have made a discovery that will disappoint many. It appears that the bootloader on the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III is both locked and protected.

Based on one forum member post, it appears that Verizon requested that the bootloader on the Galaxy S III come locked and encrypted, which will make it hard for the developer community to fork together some great ROMs for this awesome phone. The forum member contacted Verizon to inquire about the state of the bootloader and was told by a level 2 tech that Verizon requested a locked and encrypted bootloader.

Here’s what the forum member said in regards to his call with tech support:

I just got off the phone with Samsung Level II tech support. Verizon requested the bootloader be signed and encrypted. They are the only carrier according to Samsung who made this request. The Level I tech I talked to had no clue so she transferred me to Level II who took about 10 minutes to research the issue and found a note in his system that specifically mentioned the Verizon signed/encrypted.

That’s about as official of a reply as I could get. I was told if I wanted an unencrypted device I should go get an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint device NOT Verizon. That’s exactly what the rep said.

Next call is back to Verizon Corporate. I just talked to them again yesterday. Another angry voice mail in route.

Out of all the Galaxy S III variants in the U.S., only the Verizon model comes with a locked and encrypted bootloader. Way to go, Verizon!

Source: XDA via DL