Verizon 4G LTE is the fastest network in the U.S.

As an AT&T customer, I sometimes envy all of you Verizon customers who are able to get 4G LTE on your Droid Charge, Thunderbolt or LG Revolution devices. Verizon Wireless has, indeed, promised and delivered a top notch network to its customers. They are also gradually adding more LTE markets as we are entering Q3 of this year.

The folks at PCMag have run an nice experiment where they sent six drivers across the country, in over 21 cities, to test network speeds, all equipped with the following devices form six different carriers:

As you all know by now, all of the four major carriers use the denomination 4G depending on their Marketing needs. I have had every AT&T “4G” device they have and none of them performed as well as the HTC thunderbolt or the Samsung Droid Charge. I just wish that Big blue stops once and for all calling their HSPA network by using the word 4G or enhanced backhaul. They are falsely advertising a network they don’t have or won’t have until 2013.

If you check out the chart above, you can clearly distinguish the winner of the fastest network in the U.S.. Verizon came first with an average of 9.46Mbps (max. 37.66Mbps) in download speeds and an average of 1.35Mbps (max. 2.33Mbps) in upload speeds. T-Mobile was second, with their HSPA+ network, averaging 3.20Mbps in download speeds and 1.09Mbps in upload speeds. AT&T and Sprint came last, both were averaging similar speeds.

You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that Verizon, with their 4G LTE network, has the fastest network in America. T-Mobile which is the contender in this race, doesn’t come even close to Big Red’s blazing speeds.

Although this comparison seems a bit inequitable for carriers such as AT&T, that are in the process of deploying their LTE network, we can all agree that Verizon has delivered the first real 4G LTE network in America!

What do you guys think?

via PCMag