[Update] Ventev USB-C Cable Review

USB Type C cables are the future, but right now things can get a little confusing. Android smartphone users have been using the same standard micro USB cables for years. With Nokia, OnePlus, and now the 2 most recent Nexus devices from Google switching over to the USB-C, get ready to replace your old cables soon and into 2016. USB-C provides faster charging, faster data transfer, and its reversible so it can be inserted in either direction. I would anticipate most 2016 flagship devices will be making the transition. For the differences in USB types, both because they did a nice job explaining and because I do not care to do it myself to be honest, check out this CNET article.

I was recently provided 2 USB-A to C cables from Ventev to test out with my Nexus 6P. With all new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P owners scrambling to buy new cables that support the rapid charge in the devices, I was eager to try these. SPOILER: they will not charge your Nexus device using the rapid charge technology they decided to go with in these devices. The new Nexus devices are not standard Qualcomm 2.o quick charge. When tested with all wall chargers I have collected over the years, including standard and rapid charge wall units, the Nexus 6P did display “Charging Rapidly” but was not charging at the same speed as the included charger.

IMG_20151029_180414 IMG_20151029_180424

The Ventev cables are thick and solid. The cables are flat and tangle-resistant. They are a little stiff at first but get more flexible as you move them around more. These things really will never tangle.


I have been using primarily with my Andru charger for overnight charging. As I mentioned, the Nexus 6P displays “Charging Rapidly” it does rapid charge. That is fine for overnight charging. I do not need it to charge quickly as I sleep. My stock rapid charger is in my laptop bag or at my desk for a quick recharge late in the work day if needed.


I have also used attached to my rapid car charger as well. Again, no rapid charging. The tangle-resistant design is very nice in the car. I like not having to worry about any untangling in my car. Like I need more distractions while driving.

I think these cables are winners for durability and long term use. They should support rapid charge with compatible chargers.

I tested the grey and the white version. While these USB -C cables are not available currently, their products are available at https://mobileaccessories.ventev.com/ and on Amazon.


Update: The cables are available HERE but currently sold out.

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