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Updated Google Music manager now allows music to be downloaded from the cloud

Google has released an update to the Google Music Manager app that allows you to download music from the cloud. The Manager app that runs on your desktop is an application that is used to send your music to the cloud. You can set it up to upload one time or set it up to monitor specific folders for new music. Once new music is found, it is automatically uploaded to your Google Music Cloud.

Up until the update, you were only allowed to upload your music to the cloud and stream it via your browser, Google TV, or your Android phone or tablet; downloading wasn’t an option.

With the latest update, you are now able to download both the tracks you’ve uploaded and the tracks you’ve purchased from the Music Store. Don’t fear, downloading your library or tracks from your library doesn’t remove them from the cloud; a copy resides in the cloud (unless you delete it) and copy is also downloaded to your machine.

This was one of the features that many people had been waiting for many, the ability to not be able to download uploaded songs was a major turn-off of the service. So, if you haven’t updated your Google Music Manager client yet, grab the update today.

In addition, the Google Music website now allows you to share the Youtube video (if available) of any of the songs in your library with your circles on Google+. To share the music video with your circles, simply click the drop down next to the song title you’re listening too and choose “share Youtube video”.

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By Jonathan Radande

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