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Updated Google Music app now available in the Android Market

Earlier today, Google opened up Google Music for everyone and also added the ability to purchase songs directly from your phone or from the Android Market website. Although the updated version of the Android Market that allows you to buy songs isn’t available to everyone one yet, an updated version of the Google Music app is currently available for you to download and enjoy.

The new Google Music app on phones

The updated version of the Google Music app appears similar to the one that was seen in the Ice Cream Sandwich leak that was available a few weeks ago, but in reality, it is an updated version, too. The Google Music app from the ICS leak was version 4.0.1 while this newly updated app’s version is

The new app has been redesigned with a new UI that follows the UI elements found in Android 4.0. The app features more controls, options, and a cleaner look that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

The new Google Music app on tablets

To download the updated Music app, head over to the Android Market on your phone or scan the QR code below.

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By Jonathan Radande

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