[Uncarrier 6.0] T-Mobile unveils unRadio with Rhapsody, unlimited, free music streaming


If you thought that t-Mobile was done with Uncarrier 5.0, you were right. How about Uncarrier 6.0 on the same day? Well, they did it. They announced a new service called unRadio with Rhapsody and said that they will be “un-leashing music in America.

Thanks to its “Music Freedom” movement, T-mobile Simple Choice customers who stream music using the following services, will not be charged.

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunes Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • Spotify
  • Slacker
  • Milk
  • Beatport

Starting June 23, T-Mobile customers who have unlimited 4G LTE will be able to use the  unRadio with Rhapsody app for free. Other customers will have to pay $4 per month to take advantage of the unlimited ad-free music streaming. Rhapsody is currently available for both Android and iOS. Here are its features:

  • No ads. Ever. Seriously
  • Download any song, album, or playlist
  • Instant access to over 30 million songs
  • Create and share your own playlists
  • Hundreds of editorially programmed playlists and stations
  • Thousands of live radio stations from all over the world
  • Blazing fast playback
  • Artist and genre radio stations that can be saved

Notice how Google Music is not included? T-Mobile’s CEO said that it is not out of the question. Let’s see if they can work something out with Google.

Not bad T-Mobile, not bad at all!


via T-Mobile – AC

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