Tonight’s the night….Dexter app now available on Android

Can’t get enough of your favorite serial killer? Showtime has got you covered! The official Showtime Dexter app is now available in the Android Market. The app is free and has a lot of things to help you out in between episodes.

The app allows you to stay connected with Dexter like never before. Learn about the show, read episode guides, learn about the cast, and never miss an episode. The app also allows you to view clips from the show. The clips range from season 4 and 5. There is a full episode available for you to watch, Season 5, episode 1. Since this is Showtime, don’t expect any more free episodes.


Another, and probably the coolest, feature of the app is the Photo booth, which allows you to snap a photo and customize it with artifacts from the show. You can then share your creation with your friends. There are 3 photo booth themes to choose from: Kill Suit, Miami Badge, and Suspect File. As you can see from my image on the right, I chose the Suspect File.

You can download the official Dexter app from the Android Market, or by scanning the QR code below.

Now we just have to wait for season 6. Is October here yet?

Download: Dexter

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