There you have it, Google Play says “we’ve started shipping Nexus 7 pre-orders today!”

If you have pre-ordered your Nexus 7 tablet directly from Google, we have some good news for you. Google Play via their Google+ handle announced that they “started shipping Nexus 7 pre-orders today. So we may be looking at deliveries next week since Google may be using a 2-day shipping service via UPS.

Locked and loaded, ready to play: we’ve started shipping +Nexus 7 pre-orders today!

There are also reports out there that folks who are calling Google Play to inquire about their pre-orders are being hit by an automated message telling them that they’re shipping the Nexus 7 today. Here is the full message:

“We’re now shipping Nexus 7 pre-orders. The first wave of orders are going out today and all pre-orders are scheduled to ship within the next 3 business days. Once your order has shipped you will receive a confirmation email and tracking number.”

If you are one the people who used Google Play, your credit card has probably been charged as we’re writing this post. Expect to receive tracking information very soon.

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via Google+ | Android Police