Tap The Dinosaur is an addicting game, hidden within the Chrome Beta app


Google is bringing us another cool Easter egg which we call Tap the Dinosaur. This time around it is embedded within the Chrome beta Android and desktop apps. While you may have already heard about it in the past couple of months, we’re sure that some have not. This game is Google’s way to keep you entertained when your phone has no internet connection.

The dinosaur used in this game is a Tyrannosaurus which runs infinitely in a desert. Upon getting to 100 points, you’ll hear a loud sound. Make sure you don’t get caught while playing at work.

To access the game:

  • Turn the Airplane Mode on
  • Open a tab in Chrome Beta
  • In the search bar, type in ‘Tap The Dinosaur”

My highest score is 226 so far. I think I can go over that in a heartbeat and will post my latest scores soon. Let us know what is your highest score is on Tap the Dinosaur.

This game is addictive. You have been warned!

via Reddit