T-Mobile tweet confirms Galaxy Note, still doesn’t provide launch date

The Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to T-Mobile. We’ve seen the device, we’ve seen it pass through the FCC, and we’ve even seen support documents on T-Mobile’s site. Unfortunately, T-Mobile hasn’t said anything about it carrying the Galaxy Note until now.

This morning, T-Mobile confirmed what everyone knew, that the Samsung Galaxy Note was coming to the network. Confirmation of the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile was made by the official T-Mobile support Twitter account, @TMobileHelp.

In a response to a user inquiring about the Galaxy Note, @TMobileHelp basically said yes, the Galaxy Note is coming and we’ll let you know soon. So, if you’ve been skeptical about the Galaxy Note coming to T-Mobile, this confirmation by T-Mobile should be a clear sign that it’s real and that it’s coming soon!

Source: @TMobileHelp | via Engadget