Stream Netflix on your Android devices with this modified APK (updated)

Update: This modified APK no longer works. Try sideloading the official Netflix apk file that’s currently available for supported devices in the Android Market.

If you’re not comfortable with modifying some system files to try to enable Netflix on your device, don’t fear. There’s still a chance for Netflix to run on your device. This method is even easier because it doesn’t involve any file editing. All that you have to do is install a modified version Netflix and give it a shot. This modified version disables device checking, which should allow the app to run on the unsupported devices.

We can’t guarantee that this will work, so just give it a shot and report. I was able to get it working fine on my rooted Droid X which runs on Android 2.2. People have reported it to work on non-rooted phones, so it’s worth a shot.

Simply download and install Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk. If you get force closes or it doesn’t stream, uninstall Netflix and try installing this second modified version of Netflix, netflix-mod-2.apk

Stream Netflix on non-supported devices

1. Download: Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk – Try this version first. If it doesn’t work, uninstall and try the second version below.

2. Download: netflix-mod-2.apk – If this version doesn’t work either, you’re out of luck, for now.

Let us know if any of the above files worked for you.

via XDA Developers Forums

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