Sprint planning on launching its own NFC-based mobile payment system by end of summer

It looks like Sprint is getting ready to join the NFC mobile wallet market by launching their service. According to a report from NFC Times, Sprint is planning on launching its own NFC-based mobile wallet similar to Google Wallet and the upcoming Isis. The service, which is rumored to be called “Touch”, is expected to launch as early as this summer.

If Sprint launches their own mobile wallet, there’s no telling what will happen to their relationship with Google when it comes to Google Wallet. At the moment, it’s unlikely that both Touch and Google Wallet could be supported on the same NFC phone because each wallet requires control of the secure element.

At the moment, Sprint currently has 5 NFC phones with support for Google Wallet. That number will increase by one when the Samsung Galaxy S III launches in a few days.

In a statement to NFC Times, Sprint had this to say regarding the report of their own NFC mobile wallet:

“[Sprint] is proud to be the first carrier to deliver Google Wallet…In keeping with our open approach, Sprint is actively working with others in the mobile payment ecosystem. We will continue to bring practical, easy-to-use mobile payment solutions to customers on Sprint devices, however, we do not have any news to share at this time.”

If this news is true and Sprint does indeed come out with their own mobile payment system, it will be a blow to Google Wallet. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things roll with this.

Source: NFC Times

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