Sony to sell NFC SmartTags that will work with all NFC Android phones

While at the Sony booth at CES today, we stumbled upon Sony’s NFC SmartTags. The small NFC tags can be programmed to make your phone do a number of things when activated with the NFC chip on your phone. You can program the tags to do a number of things such as set your alarm, send a text message, turn on/off wi-fi, play music, and more.

The tags will be available sometime during Q2 2012 and will sell for $25-$30 for a pack of 4. You can place them anywhere you want, program them, and simply tap on them with your NFC-equipped phone to perform the pre-programmed actions. Although the SmartTags are Xperia-branded, they will work with any Android phone that has an NFC chip.

A great example would be in the bed room. You can program a SmartTag that turns off the sound on your phone, sets your alarm, and maybe start playing your soothing music that helps you fall asleep faster. You can place one in your car that automatically turns on the bluetooth on your phone and opens up your favorite podcast player app for your morning commute. The possibilities are endless. Also, with the Android development community, you can expect developers to find more ways to make the technology even more interesting.

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