Sony Ericsson handsets with unlocked bootloaders will not receive SEUS updates

As of now, you probably know that Sony Ericsson is one of the few Android phone manufacturers who embraced the openness of the Android OS by launching a website to show its phone users how to unlock bootloaders and how to flash custom ROMs into their devices.

It looks like Sony Ericsson has decided to not allow their phones that have unlocked booloaders to get access to their official firmware updates through the SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) tool. This contradicts their earlier statement which claimed that updates can be applied to all of their Android handsets with unlocked bootloaders as long as they have Sony Ericsson’s stock ROM.

Currently we don’t support SEUS for phones that have been unlocked. I have initiated discussions if we can support that going forward, but there are several things that needs to be investigated before I can give you an answer (e.g. will it affect customer call centers, repair centers, which SW should be used for unlocked phones, how to identify phone model if other things has been modified, are there security concerns for unlocked phones etc). Will get back to you as soon as I have more information. Sorry that I can’t give a better answer at this time.

If you are familiar with the rooting and ROM flashing processes, you can can get the updates in the form of a post-official system ROM and then flash it to your rooted handset. Let’s hope that S.E. will change their mind or are in the process of creating a more diverse update service. Are you at all bothered by Sony Ericsson’s decision?

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Source Xperia Blog