Sony acknowledges heat-related display issue on certain Xperia S phones

Are you one of the people experiencing display issues with your Sony Xperia S? Apparently, many Xperia S owners are experiencing a display issue where the screen shows a yellow tint if the phone’s temperature gets too high.

Sony has acknowledged the problem and revealed to CNET UK’s gadget blog, Crave, that they have changed their manufacturing process to prevent the issue in the future. In addition, they will be resolving this issue to those experiencing it at no cost to the consumer.

Here is what Sony had to say on the matter:

“Sony Mobile Communications has identified that the display on a limited number of Xperia S smart phones may show a slight yellow tint if exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius…Sony Mobile Communications will resolve this at no cost to the consumer.”

If you’re one of the people experiencing problems with your Xperia S’s display, Sony urges you to contact them to get the matter taken care of right away. it’s a shame that some of these phones are experiencing this problem. After all, the display on the Xperia S is phone of its greatest features.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see that Sony has acknowledged the problem and that they will be taking care of those affected.

Do you have an Xperia S? If so, let us know if you’re experiencing display issues by dropping a comment below.

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