Some Staples locations selling Wi-Fi Xoom a few days early

If you can’t wait until Sunday to get your hands on a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom, you could get lucky by heading over to your local Staples store. There have been multiple reports of people being able to get their hands on the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom.

An Android Central user was able to get his hands on the Xoom 2 days before it was officially supposed to go on sale. So if you can’t wait until the official release date, you should try hitting up your local Staples store to see if they are selling them now.

In another case, a Droid-Life user received their Wi-Fi Xoom early via shipment. He placed his order for the Xoom over the phone with Staples and to his surprise, it arrived today, well before the March 27 release date.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the back of the Wi-Fi Xoom isn’t silver like the GSM version that is going to launch overseas. It is black, just like the 3G/4G version that was launched on Verizon’s network on February 24.

Via Droid Life, Android Central

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