Simple Analytics Widget brings your website stats to your homescreen

A fellow user of the XDA forums, “RorolePro,” created a pretty neat Android widget that allows to track your website stats directly from your phone’s homescreen. This widget uses your Google Analytics info and displays it as it updates. So if you are obsessed with your site/blog and always checking your traffic, this widget will definitely help you do that.

I’ve created a widget to see your statistics from Google Analytics. The baseline of my widget is quick & simple ! You can configure the widget with few steps ! I’ve used the account manager system of Android to made the connection with Google Analytics API, your password is preserved !

Right after installing the app, you will get a configuration screen asking to connect to your Google Analytics account, to select your desired website and then a metric. Don’t worry about having to share your Google account password because the Simple Analytics Widget automatically logs you in without having you to type your password.

Hit the link or the QR code link below.

via XDA Forums

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