Seido launches extended battery for Galaxy Nexus, this time with NFC support

Remember that humongous extended battery that Seido launched for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Besides it making your Galaxy Nexus look like the biggest turtle on the planet, it did provide 3800mAh of juice to keep your Galaxy Nexus going for a long time. What it did lack, though, was support for NFC.

Seido has gone ahead and released a new version of their extended battery, this time with NFC support. The new 3800mAh battery will set you back $78. If you’re one of the people who bought the extended battery sans-NFC, Seido is offering the new NFC extended battery for $20, plus you get to keep the one you purchased!

As you probably know, part of the Galaxy Nexus’s NFC technology resides on the battery. With Seido’s first extended battery not having NFC, the Galaxy Nexus became a NFC-less phone for people who purchased the device, leaving them without features like Android Beam and Google Wallet.

Source: Seido | via The Verge

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