Screenshots of Google’s Music Store emerge


The Google Store is almost ready for us to enjoy. As you probably know by now, Google is working on a music store to go with their Google Music Beta service. The store will allow you to purchase music directly from your Android device and allow you to store it in your Google Music account to enjoy wherever you are. The service is expected to be announced on Wednesday, November 16, at an event in Los Angeles.

Some screen shots of the Music Store have emerged today. The shots are courtesy of TechnoDroidVe. The music store was accessed via an HTC Inspire 4G; no word on how they were able to get access. Although you can’t purchase or download music yet, the guys over at TechnoDroidVe were able to pretty much explore the music store.

One feature that will be available is the Free Song of the Day feature. Google already offers this via the main site, so it’s nice to see that it will also be available from your Android device.

For more pictures, check out the source link below.

Source: TechnoDroidVe via The Verge

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