Sandisk releases Memory Zone app — lets you manage phone, memory card, cloud storage, and more

Today, Sandisk released their memory management application called Sandisk Memory Zone. No, this app won’t let you recall things better or make you a champion at those fun card memory games. Sandisk Memory Zone is your all-in-one memory management application for your Android device. As soon as I installed it on my Droid Bionic, I knew that they had a hit.

The Memory Zone app lets you manage the memory on your phone, memory card, or even cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Docs,, and more. With Memory Zone, you now have access to all of your storage information in one place. Need to manager your files? Maybe delete or move something somewhere else? Memory Zone has you covered.

In addition to file management, the application also lets you backup your contacts, music, videos, pictures, apps, and documents to your cloud storage service or your microSD card.

If you want to give Memory Zone a shot, head over to the Android Market and download it (yes, it’s free!) or simply scan the QR code below.

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