Samsung’s Infuse 4G Gingerbread upgrade gets put on hold, no ETA announced

Looks like there’s some issues with the Gingerbread update for the Samsung Infuse 4G. Just a week after it was announced, the update to Gingerbread on the Infuse 4G has been halted. Looks like things didn’t go quite as planned. According to Samsung, there is an issue with the update, and they’re developing a fix for it. Here is what Samsung has to say in regards to the whole issue:

We currently have put a hold on the update. Samsung and AT&T are aware of the issue with the Infuse 4G Update and are developing a fix.

If you’re one of the many people who still hasn’t received the update, the only thing you can do now is simply wait. Hopefully the wait won’t be so long.

Source: Samsung | AT&T
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