Samsung sells over 50 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices, over 7 million Galaxy Notes

How do you make your company look even better than it does after it releases the Samsung Galaxy S III? You tell the world just how good you are by bragging about the number of devices you’ve sold. A day after the Samsung Galaxy S III went on sale; Samsung released info on the number of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S and S II phones sold to date.

According to Samsung things are looking good for both the original Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. To date, over 50 million units of the two phones have been sold. 24 million of the original Galaxy S has been sold to date while the Galaxy S II’s sales number flexes at 28 million.

The Galaxy Note, the hybrid phone/tablet that was released last October, is also doing well, according to sales figures. To date, Samsung has sold over 7 million Galaxy Notes worldwide, an impressive number for a device that people played off when it was launched.

This is all good news for Samsung and its products. Just a little over 2 months ago, worldwide sales of the Galaxy Note was at 5 million. At this rate, we can expect Samsung to reach the 10 million mark on the Galaxy Note sometime this summer.

Today’s milestone of the Galaxy S devices comes a little over 8 months after Samsung announced that sales of both phones had reached 30 million worldwide.

Source: Newswire (Korean) | via The Verge