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Samsung sells over 3.5 million Galaxy S II units in South Korea

Things are looking very good for Samsung and their flagship device, the Galaxy S II. According to MK Business news in South Korea, Samsung has sold over 3.5 million Galaxy S II handsets in its home country. Because of the success of the Galaxy S II, Samsung has seen its mobile phone market share increase to 59% in August from the lower 5% during June through July.

Although the Galaxy S II has been a hit world-wide, its success in Korea alone has been very impressive. Only a month after its release the phone had already sold over 1 million units. The two million units-sold mark was reached just 73 days after launch. Four months after its launch, sales of the Galaxy S II in South Korea reached 3 million units. This is simply great news for Samsung, especially when you compare to sales figures of the original Galaxy S. The original Galaxy S took over a year to sell 3 million units.

Industry experts expect sales of the Galaxy S II in South Korea to reach 4 million units by the end of the year, a task that will seem like a piece of cake for Samsung considering that they sold over 500,000 SGSIIs in a month’s time. If Samsung does achieve the 4-million units sold in a year feat, they will enter the record books in South Korea for having the first mobile phone to sell four million mobile phones in one year.

Outside of South Korea, Samsung is also doing great with the Galaxy S II. As of July, global sales of the popular smartphone had reached 6 million units. Since then, that number has surely increased. The Galaxy S II was recently announced and launched in the United States. Sprint was the first carrier to launch their variant, the Epic 4G Touch. Although T-Mobile and AT&T have announced that they will be releasing the Galaxy S II, they have not announced a release date.

via MK Business News

By Jonathan Radande

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