[Updated] Samsung says it has compiled 27 doctored pictures in Apple’s complaint

According to the Dutch website Webwerld, Samsung claims that it found over 27 manipulated pictures in Apple’s filings in the patent infringement cases in Europe. The Korean company is also aware of the “resized” pictures of the Galaxy S where the phone’s dimensions were reduced by 6% making it look identical to the iPhone. Apple has also furnished similar “doctored” pictures of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

Udo de Haes from webwereld.nl, who was actually present in court, said that “The issue is not very relevant” because the the design of the Galaxy line is similar to the iPhone’s. To him, I say, if the designs from Samsung’s and Apple’s products are the same, why not keep the same dimensions in the photographs included in the filings?

Udo de Haes just announced that the Samsung Apple hearing has ended at around 4PM local time with the court “upholding the preliminary injunction” until the final hearing which was scheduled for September 9. Who knows what might happen then?

via Webwereld, @Andreasudo

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