Samsung reviewing Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab upgrades due to demand

Last week, Samsung announced that it wasn’t going to be upgrading their Galaxy S phone and their Galaxy Tab tablet to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest and greatest version of Google’s smartphone OS. According to Samsung, those two devices weren’t going to be upgraded due to insufficient RAM and internal storage needed to run the new OS.

The public wasn’t happy about this move by Samsung and many decided to let the company know how they felt. After all, the Galaxy S sold over 10 million units last year and made Samsung a favorite among the many Android OEMs out there. In addition, the Galaxy S runs on the same hardware as the Nexus S, which is currently receiving its ICS upgrade over the air.

After hearing from millions of angry customers that their one year-old phones and tablet would not be getting upgraded to ICS, Samsung is now thinking about upgrading the two devices to ICS. According to AJ News in Korea, Samsung is reviewing the possibility of upgrading the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to Ice Cream Sandwich after strong customer demand.

Getting ICS on those two devices won’t be easy for Samsung. In order to accomplish this, some features will have to be omitted from either Samsung’s Touchwiz UI or Android 4.0. I guess we’ll be finding out soon which path Samsung hopes to take.

In my opinion, Samsung should just get rid of TouchWiz and put pure Android 4.0. If the Nexus S can do it, so can the Galaxy S.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, AJ News via The Verge

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