Samsung Nexus Prime GT-i9250 cruises through FCC with AT&T, T-Mobile bands

If you were wondering if the Nexus Prime is going to hit AT&T, today is your lucky day. Going under the model number GT-i9250, the Samsung Galaxy Prime or Nexus has already passed Wi-Fi certification a while ago. It has just hit the FCC with AT&T and T-Mobile bands. This brings to think that Verizon will eventually get the Droid Prime, model number SGH-i515, which could be a sequel to the Droid Charge.

The Samsung GT-i9250 shows GSM bands 850 and 1900 and WCDMA bands II and V along with the 1700 AWS band (T-Mobile).FCC filings for this phone unveil NFC capabilities, dual-band Wireless N Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also shows dimensions of 68mm x 124mm, similar to the ones from Galaxy S II.

Being an AT&T customer, I am pretty stocked about the possibility of getting a Nexus-branded device. On another hand, the fact that the Nexus Prime doesn’t have LTE radios lead us to us to think that it may not hit Verizon after all and that they’ll get the Droid Prime aka the Charge 2.

Source FCC
via Phandroid

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