Samsung hit with another injunction, this time it’s about the Galaxy Nexus

Nowadays, whatever Apple asks for, Apple gets. Following their request for the ban of the Galaxy Nexus back in February, Apple has been granted what they were looking for, a preliminary injunction against Samsung.

The decision was taken by U.S. District judge Lucy Koh in San Jose ,California. The same judge granted Apple not long ago with a ban against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to Reuters, the patent which Samsung is infringing on goes under number 8,086,604 and is about searching multiple source of information. Apple will have to post a $96 million bond in order to get things moving toward getting the injunction rolling. The Cupertino-based company initially alleged that the Gnex infringed on the following four patents: data tapping, unified search patent, slide-to-unlock and word completion.

While I am writing this article, patent lawsuit analyst Florian Mueller claims that the unified search patent which is linked to Siri, is what’s behind the ban. If you missed is, here is the video where Google Search crushes Apple’s Siri.

With a ban on two major Android devices, I am wondering if Google is going to sit and watch its licensees getting hammered with ridiculous lawsuits or give Apple a run for their money. For now, I’d rather keep my mouth shut…

via Reuters

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