Samsung GT-i9300 gets spotted in Brazil. Is it the Galaxy S III or a mid-range phone?

We first heard about the Samsung GT-i9300 in late March when a picture of the device was leaked. Although we don’t know for sure what that device is, many on the internet speculated that it was the upcoming Galaxy S III. That speculation was based solely on the model name.

Today, Gizomodo Brazil has obtained some more pictures of the GT-i9300. The device looks the same as the one we first saw back in March with the exception of a rather large button. These new pictures obtained by Gizmodo shows a Samsung GT-i9300 with a big physical button on the bottom of the phone. The phone that we saw last month featured digital buttons made available in Android 4.0.

According to sources of Gizmodo, the GT-i9300 is thinner than the Galaxy S II but larger and heavier. It contains a 12-megapixel camera with flash on the back.

Nobody is 100% sure if this is, in fact, the Galaxy S III. I don’t know about you guys, but if this turns out to be the Galaxy S III, I will be a little disappointed; GSM Arena’s sources say that the phone could actually be the Galaxy M, a new mid-range phone that is set to be launched sometime in May. Hopefully GSM Arena is correct.

Whether or not this is the Galaxy S III, we will be finding out what’s the deal on May 3. On that day in London, Samsung will finally be unveiling the Galaxy S III (and maybe more). So hang in there, only a few more weeks and we can put all these Galaxy S III rumors to sleep!

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