Samsung Galaxy S III launch to be moved up from May to April, according to Samsung China President

If the words from Samsung China’s President are true, consumers should be able to get their hands on the highly-anticipated Galaxy S III as soon as April. According to multiple reports out of Korea today, Samsung Greater China President Kim Young-Ha said that the launch of the phone may be moved up a month, from May to April.

Samsung has denied that they would launch the Galaxy S III in April, telling its impatient future customers that they would make an announcement via Twitter when the phone would be available. If Mr. Young-Ha’s words are true, it would be a great indication that Samsung hasn’t finalized plans for the launch of the Galaxy S III.

Kim Young-Ha was speaking to the Beijing press about Samsung’s broader strategy in China, which he hopes will become more aggressive and pursue a greater market share. Launching the Galaxy S III in April will fit with those two plans from Samsung.

While there’s still no official date, it’s nice to hear from someone high-up in Samsung with news about this highly-anticipated phone.

Source: MK | MoneyToday | Hankyung | via The Verge

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