Samsung Galaxy S III launch gets delayed at Sprint and AT&T

Those of you who were hoping to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint and AT&T will have to wait a little longer. Both carriers have confirmed that they have pushed back the launch of the highly-anticipated device. Customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S III are now expected to receive the device no later than Monday, June 25. Those customers who pre-ordered on AT&T were supposed to be getting their devices today. In a statement to The Verge, AT&T had this to say regarding the delay of the Galaxy S III:

Full AT&T statement on Galaxy S III delay

Manufacturer supply constraints of the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S III have caused a delay to expected pre-order shipments. Customers who were previously quoted a delivery date of June 21st should now expect their device to arrive no later than Monday, June 25th. We currently estimate future pre-orders to arrive within 10 business days based on available supply. Impacted customers will receive both an SMS and email notifying them of this change.

Sprint initially said that the 16GB model of the device would be available today via Web Sales and Telesales, but they quickly changed their mind. Unfortunately, the Sprint Galaxy S III won’t be available today and Sprint hasn’t provided an updated release date. Customers who pre-ordered the 16GB model should be receiving them today; the 32GB pre-orders should begin shipping next week. Sprint had this to say on the delay of the Galaxy S III:

Full Sprint statement on Galaxy S III delay

Due to overwhelming demand for Galaxy S III worldwide, Samsung has informed us they will not be able to deliver enough inventory of Galaxy S III for Sprint to begin selling the device on June 21. We are working closely with Samsung on a delivery schedule to support our launch.

We have begun shipping pre-orders for the 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III and anticipate they will be delivered by June 21. We hope to begin shipping pre-orders for the 32GB version next week as we receive inventory. Customers can check the status of their pre-order at

The news of the delays of the Galaxy S III on Sprint and AT&T comes after Samsung announced that the launch of the device in Canada would be delayed until June 27 and after T-Mobile announced that it was releasing the phone in two phases.

With all these delays, it looks like Verizon’s July 10th ship date isn’t such a bad thing after all. Let’s just hope that one doesn’t get delayed, too!

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