Samsung Galaxy S II sales surpass 5 million units in South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung’s hottest flagship phone has reached another impressive milestone in its home country of South Korea. Today, Samsung announced that over 5 million Galaxy S II units have been sold in South Korea since the device launched back in April. That’s pretty impressive! At the moment, over 10% of the South Korean population owns a SGSII.

Back in September, Samsung announced that over 3.5 million Galaxy S II phones had been sold in South Korea. So, on average, Samsung is selling about 375k Galaxy S II phones in South Korea per month, or about 12,500 per day. Not bad, Samsung.

Worldwide sales figures for the Galaxy S II were at 10 million units sold back in October. There’s no doubt that that number has increased, too. Hopefully, Samsung will let us know just how much the world loves the Galaxy S II by releasing worldwide sales figures soon!

Source: Sammy Hub

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