Samsung Galaxy Nexus now $99.99 at Verizon Wireless

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now a whopping $99.99, if you order online. Just three months after its last price drop, Verizon has gone ahead and shaved an extra $50 of the Galaxy S III. The phone still sells for $150 when you buy at a Verizon store. If you buy it online, an extra $50 is taken off, bringing the total down to $100.

If you’re looking for a solid phone on Verizon Wireless that offers a stock Android experience, then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is for you. I’ve had mine since December and it has been a wonderful experience. The saying really is true: Once you go Nexus, you never go back.

Owning a Nexus device from Google is really a nice experience. It’s Android the way they envisioned it with no manufacturer UIs or anything else to hinder the experience. If you really like Verizon Wireless and want to get a Nexus device, $99 for the Galaxy Nexus is a great deal (on a 2-year contract).

If you don’t care much about remaining with Verizon Wireless, you can always buy an unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store and use it with any GSM carrier (such as AT&T and T-Mobile).

Buy: Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon Wireless for $99.99

Jonathan converted to the Android platform from Blackberry with the original Motorola Droid. He currently has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus complete with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Verizon Wireless, a Motorola Xoom, and a Kindle Fire. Besides keeping up with Android news, he enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, reading, and computers. Google+

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