Samsung Galaxy Nexus no longer available from the Google Play store. Could it be because of the injunction?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for you to purchase from the Google Play store. At the moment, the only thing that is displayed when you visit the Galaxy Nexus page at the Play store a “Coming Soon” message with the option to be notified via E-Mail when the phone is available to purchase again.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if the device is simply out of stock or if this has something to do with the recent injunction prevents the Galaxy Nexus from being sold in the United States. The ban is currently in effect and allows remaining Galaxy Nexus inventory to be sold. Once the inventory has been sold, Samsung and Google won’t be able to import any new shipments of the Galaxy Nexus until things are worked out in the courts.

Of course, it could also be because the device is simply out of stock. A lot of people decided to purchase the Galaxy Nexus after news broke the Apple was going to keep it from being sold in the U.S.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and the Galaxy Nexus will be available for you to purchase at $349.99 again pretty soon. In the mean time, fill out the form on the page to get notified when Galaxy Nexus is being sold on Google Play again.

Source: Google Play

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