Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III to sport a 4.8-inch display, ceramic back, and will launch in 50 markets simultaneously

We’re just a day away from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Although Samsung won’t be announcing the highly-anticipated Galaxy S III, some new rumors on the phone have surfaced thanks to guys over at BGR.

According to BGR, the Galaxy S III will feature a massive 4.8-inch display. Instead of the tradition 4.3-inch display we’re used to seeing. Although the type of display wasn’t talked about, previous rumors on the Galaxy S III’s display mentioned it being a Super AMOLED Plus HD display.

In addition to the screen size, the back of the phone won’t use the cheap, plastic material that we’re used to seeing on Samsung phones. Instead, rumor has it that the back of the phone will be made out of ceramic, an interesting choice by Samsung.

When it comes to launch, Samsung plans on having a simultaneous launch in over 50 markets, a move that would help Samsung get the device in as many people’s hands in the shortest amount of time. If Samsung does indeed launch this phone in over 50 markets at the same time, that would be a great thing. The worst part about new phone launches is waiting for it to hit your country. Look how long it took for the Galaxy S II to hit the U.S.; yup, it took forever!

Before you get all excited, remember that these are all rumors and that we won’t know the absolute real-deal on this phone until Samsung decides to make things official. Also, as nice as the above image looks, remember that it’s only a mockup!


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