Rumor: Another HTC phone rumored for 2012, the HTC Elite

According to the guys over at BGR, AT&T will be getting the HTC Elite, an Android 4.0 phone with Beats Audio technology. Although no specs were mentioned by BGR, their sources say that the HTC Elite will be on of their flagship Android phones of 2012. It will be available on AT&T’s network and could launch as the HTC Congressional (Really, HTC?), The HTC Elite (Congressional) is scheduled to be released during the first or second week of April. Who knows, the phone could be announced in January during CES 2012 (or during Mobile World Congress).

This is the third rumored HTC phone that is going to launch next year. The first was the HTC Edge, the first quad-core phone. News of the Edge was followed by the HTC Ville, a thin dual-core phone with Android 4.0.

As soon as we find more information on this new HTC device, we will be sure to keep you updated.

Source: BGR

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