Rumor: Amazon planning on unveiling Kindle Fire 2 in July

According to a reliable source of CNET, Amazon could be getting ready to introduce a new version of their $199 Kindle Fire Tablet, along with new versions of their Kindle e-readers. According to the source, Amazon is planning on unveil the second-generation Kindle Fire at a July 31 launch event.

According to the source, the new Kindle Fire will feature a camera and physical volume buttons. Unfortunately, there’s not else that is known about this new version of the Kindle Fire. Will it be a front-facing camera or a rear-facing camera? What processor will power it? Will it remain at 7-inchs or will Amazon opt for a slightly bigger size? We’ll be finding out soon.

With Google expected to announce their $199 7-inch quad-core Nexus 7 tablet this week during Google I/O 2012, you can be sure that Amazon is going to do what it can to match Google’s offering.

July 31 first is a little bit away. From now until then, we’re sure that we’ll find out more information on this upcoming Kindle Fire successor.

Source: CNET | via The Verge