[Review] ToastMade: Toast Ebony Wood Case for the Pixel XL

ToastMade is not your typical phone skin maker. This company took the skin game to another level and is using actual real wood to make their product. If you own the Pixel, you probably want to check them out.

The Pixel XL is without a doubt a sexy phone. However, it is really not prone to dings and cracks. It is easy to scratch and break thanks to the glass that covers half of the back of the phone. If you’re nuts about keeping your phone in a like new condition, you have a few choices. You can cover it with a case, put a skin on (light protection) or keep it in the box and not use it.

First, let’s start with the install. It was pretty easy and the directions are straightforward. It took me a mere 5-10 minutes. The best way to align it is plug in the USB-C cable (see picture above). That’s it! The package come with covers for the volume and power buttons, and the SIM cover. I think that they’re spot on and look really nice.

The skin I am reviewing is the Ebony color. There are 2 more colors including the Walnut and Ash. You can grab the front and back covering for $44 and can add a custom text for an extra $5 (I have the “G” logo). The wood material and sleek design really make it worth spending the extra money.

Protection-wise, don’t expect the Toast skin to replace a case. I dropped mine a few times and it resulted in chipping the wood  in the and exposing some of the phone. The corners have actually held out well so far. I do hope the folks at ToastMade could figure out a way to make them smooth for future devices. If I had one thing to ask them is to make a minimalist wooden case because I would be all over it! For more info, go to Taostmade.com.

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