[Review] Toast Wood Cover For The Nexus 6P

Let me start this review by saying that I have used cases with every phone I ever owned. Why? I hate getting nicks on something I spent few hundred Dollars on. Upon getting my Nexus 6P, I ordered the Nexus “cloth” case which I replaced later with the Spigen Rugged case. The 6P is a big phone. Wrapping it in a case makes it even bigger and awkward to hold. The next best thing to a case was getting a skin from either dbrand or Slickwraps. Both are great however they simply make a $600 phone look and feel cheap. And then I found out about TOAST.

TOAST makes skins for using the same 3M adhesive as other competitors. What sets them apart is that they use wood. Yes, real wood – and it is made in the US. They offer 4 colors: Walnut, Ash, Bamboo and Ebony. In addition of the back cover, you can get the inlay for the back camera glass panel,  front panel skin ($10), covers for the volume and power buttons and custom etching for a mere $5.


Surprisingly, applying the TOAST skin was easier than applying other skins. Maybe because of the wood keeping the adhesive straight and easy to align. The hardest part, for me at least, was making sure that the corners were nicely set up. I did get a little gap on the bottom right side but it looked okay.

I have had my Nexus 6P covered for a couple of months. It held up very well and I was quite pleased with it. I also received a lot of compliments from friends and family. That is until I dropped it. Everything was fine except for a little ding on the corner of the phone. The wood chipped a bit from hitting the ground and that was it.


I’d say the only negative about this skin is removing it. TOAST advises to use a blow dryer to heat up the glue to facilitate the peeling process. It did take me a good 15 minutes to remove it piece by piece.

As far as recommending TOAST, I definitely would. You will appreciate the quality of work put into it and the way your phone stands out. For more information, visit ToastMade.com.

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