[Review] Ring Video Doorbell

The use case for a simple and smart way to monitor your front door could not be more relevant than right now. With online Holiday shopping at an all time high, you want to know when your packages arrive.

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I have been using the Ring video doorbell for quite a while now. I was a skeptic at first. Why would I need or want to see who is at my door when I am not home? Why would I want to be able to communicate with them? Keeping track of Holiday deliveries is just one helpful way Ring proves to be very useful. If Ring sounds familiar, you probably remember seeing them on Shark Tank.


Initial setup and installation was very easy. No need to hire an electrician or be an expert yourself. I chose to hard wire, but you can go the battery route. Ring claims the built in battery can last up to a year before needing a charge. That is amazing, can someone please develop a battery like that for smartphones?

You have 4 color options. Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Venetian Bronze, and Antique Brass. What you see below is the Satin Nickel.

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The App

The Ring app is simple, easy, and intuitive. It is currently available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Apple devices must be iOS 7.1 or newer. Android devices must be version 4.0 or newer, and Windows machines must be running Windows 10.

Your Ring doorbell needs to be connected to your home Wifi, while your smartphone just needs any data connection. Tested on both Android and iOS with no issues. Depending on the data connection, there were some times where the app would take longer to connect and I missed the person at the door. I didn’t find this to happen often. You are notified if someone sets off the proximity sensor or when they actually ring the doorbell.

Video & Audio Quality

Both video and audio quality was sufficient for 2-way conversation and a clear view of who or what was at the door. This will be dependent on your data connection as any video/audio streaming is. People are able to hear my voice clearly and I had no problems hearing their responses. I was able to speak directly to my Fedex delivery driver to confirm that he could leave my package on the front porch. I was then able to feel safe knowing if someone else approached my door, I could see that my package was still safe and even deter theft attempts with my voice.

Wrap Up

With the market for smart appliances and connected devices in the home growing at an amazing rate, you could argue that a smart doorbell can be the most useful of them all. For piece of mind and safety alone, the Ring video doorbell is worth the purchase. Sure, I can turn my crockpot down from high to low from my smartphone, but is that really necessary?

Retail price for the Ring is $199 and if you order from Ring.com right now, you can get FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING through Fedex. All of you last second Holiday shoppers, did you read that?

You know what really sweetens the deal?

Lifetime Purchase Protection

The Ring Doorbell attaches to its mounting plate using a proprietary screw for security. If your doorbell gets stolen, don’t worry – we’ll replace it. For free.

What?! That is amazing.

The Ring Video Doorbell is also available at retilailers like Best Buy, Lowes, and Amazon.


Craig has been an Android user since the G1, perhaps that is why he tends to favor the HTC flavor when it comes to his Android devices. With 7+ years of mobile phone retail management experience, Craig is in touch with both the techie and the everyday consumer. Follow him on Twitter: @CraigP17

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