[Review] A quick look at the Tudia cases for the Oneplus 3

In this world, there are people who use cases for their phone and there are people who do not. I consider myself a part of the first group. I hate getting dings on my phones. Today, I am taking a look at a couple of Tudia cases: The Tudia Merge and the Tudia Arch.

Tudia Arch

The Arch is considered an “Ulra-Slim” case. It is made out of a “high Quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU rubberized gel silicone” according to Tudia. It offers a soft touch finish which gives you a better grip of the phone.

The Arch case wraps nicely around the Oneplus 3 covering all of the edges and camera bump without adding bulk. The volume and power buttons cutouts are right on point. If you happen to drop your phone face down, the “Raised Lip” will help not getting your display scratched.

The Arch is the to-go case if you’re looking for a low profile protection for your Opneplus 3. You can grab it from Amazon for $9.90.

Tudia Merge

The Merge case is a more robust, heavy duty case made out of a soft polycarbonate shell and a rubberized TPU. What you will like about it the fact not only it offers a very nice protection but it doesn’t add a lot of bulk. The hard shell has a soft touch to it making it grippy and easy to hold. Unlike other hard shells, it is scratch-proof meaning you won’t get ugly scuffs down the road.

The cutouts for the volume and power buttons are great and the alert slider is easy to reach. To install, you need to remove the hard shell, slide your phone in the TPU part and then put the shell back on. Just like the Arch case, the Merge also has Tudia’s “Raised Lip” protection which is great for protection your Onplus 3 display in case it ends up on it display.

The Tudia Merge is available at Amazon for $12.90.

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