Reddit client BaconReader acquired by OneLouder Apps, now available in the Android Market

If you’ve heard of Reddit, then you’ve probably heard of BaconReader, the Reddit client for Android that Reddit user meinhyperspeed has been working on for so long. After months of hard work by the developer and testing by the Reddit community, BaconReader is finally out of alpha and available for all to download in the Android Market.

In addition to the app being available in the Android Marker, developer meinhyperspeed also announced that BaconReader had been acquired by OneLouder Apps, developers of popular Android apps such as FriendCaster and TweetCaster.

For those of you who have never heard of BaconReader, it’s a Reddit app for Android. With BaconReader, you can access all of the subreddits that you subscribe to, upvote and downvote submmissions and comments, submit new stories, access your inbox, share with friends, and much more. All of these great features are packed into a small app that has a gorgues UI that’s very pleasing to the eye.


I’ve been beta testing the app since I heard about the project, and from day one, I’ve been very happy with the direction that the app has been heading. With the app out of beta, it is even better. Quite simply, BaconReader is the best Reddit client for Android; the competition isn’t even close!

The app is currently free to download in the Android Market. Of course, the free version is ad-supported. If you’re not fond of ads, you can always upgrade to an ad-free version via in-app purchasing for only $1.99. Now that the app is part of a bigger development studio, meinhyperspeed says you can expect updates in a more timely fashion, around every 3 weeks.

Give BaconReader a shot; download it from the Android Market!


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